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Do you dream of showing off your bicep curls through your t-shirt? If yes, you have landed at the right place, and we will be helping you out with ways to pump your muscles. Working out gives a sensation of exhilaration and runner’s high, giving your body a rugged look. When you work out targeting a particular group of muscles, the blood rush makes the muscles look fuller, bigger, and thicker. Working out regularly and following healthy eating habits enhances body physique. Although the exercise regimens can sometimes give good results, they are not enough to build a well-toned ripped physique. In this article, we list eight ways to get the best muscle pumps in addition to regular workouts.

1. Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide gas is made in our body whose primary purpose is to widen blood vessels to boost blood flow. Taking a nitric oxide supplement post-workout is excellent for muscle pump as the pumps occur mainly due to increased blood flow. Having nitric oxide in the bloodstream will increase blood flow, fill the muscles, and make them look fuller. One of the natural methods to improve nitric oxide in the body is by consuming vegetables rich in nitrates like lettuce, celery, and spinach. Another way is by taking nitric oxide boosters that contain amino acids like L-arginine and L-citrulline, which help create nitric oxide in your
body. You can get them through Syn Pharma Tablets that promote vascular health and blood flow. You can also try CBD capsules because CBD helps make recovery faster after an intense workout.

2. Increase Carbohydrate Consumption

Apart from the reality that carbs are delicious, they are also crucial components for muscle pumps. Carbohydrates work as fuel to keep up with the energy demand during strength training. The stomach breaks down, carbohydrates into glucose, absorbs it, and releases into the bloodstream. The cells in our body store extra glucose with the help of insulin by converting glucose into energy. It saves the excess food as glycogen in the muscles, giving them a fuller and symmetrical build. The body utilizes glycogen for energy during an intensive workout, as they’re going to be exhausted. Consuming carbohydrates like whole-grain bread, rice, pasta, quinoa, and beans is vital for a post-workout meal to magnify glycogen replenishment and support recovery. Additionally, while working out, the insulin levels are also very high, which means the carb intake post-workout goes into the repair and growth of muscles.

3. Higher Reps – Bigger Muscle

Most fitness enthusiasts generally do ten reps per workout, which is excellent to build a balance between size and strength. However, if you are looking for an Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of body, then you must train at high rep ranges. The conventional thinking is that lower reps will improve strength, whereas higher reps will benefit endurance. But bodybuilders generally do 25 reps or more at a slower pace, keeping constant tension on the muscles. This approach leads to a dramatic muscle pump. The higher the reps, the more muscle fibers become involved leading to more blood flow and bringing out the
muscles like Hulk.

4. Superset Training

Superset training involves an alternating set of workouts with no rest in between. Bodybuilders use this technique by selecting an exercise based on their target muscle group with a set of weight and doing twelve or more reps. For instance, doing barbell curls with bench presses is an intense superset training. This causes an excess flow of blood, making you seem like on the verge of exploding. Superset training loads your muscles heightens intensity and saves time while pumping up the muscles.

5. Drop set

In bodybuilding, using drop sets is a technique of performing a workout with a lower weight until you reach failure. It is an excellent way of accumulating muscle volume in a shorter period of time. Drop sets are an extension of regular sets, leading to more gains in less time. As per an article, drop sets produce mechanical and metabolic burnout, both of which boost muscle fullness. The fatigue damages the muscle fibers initiating the generation of new cells to repair the damaged muscles. The repair process results in thicker muscle fibers leading to an increase in diameter.

6. Hydrate

Water is more critical for the body than food. One might survive without food for weeks but can dehydrate within 2-3 days without water. Muscles are made up of 75 percent water, making it a crucial component in muscle building. Every time you weight train, it causes loss of water from the body. Muscles need water to move and flex freely. Drinking constant water during exercise increases blood volume and fluid to fill the blood vessels, which amplifies the pump effect. The sudden rush of water also helps maintain blood pressure and circulation. One must drink at least 2-3 cups of water before and during the workout. Dehydration can also affect muscle endurance and power. So, increase your muscle growth by continuously sipping in small amounts of water in the gym.

7. Maintain Regularity

We can’t stress enough on how important it is to be consistent while bodybuilding. Just like losing weight or gaining weight, maintaining muscle pumps requires discipline. Do not let laziness or other plans take over the muscle-building time. A gap of a day or two can falter the results you are looking for and ruin the previous days’ hard work. Skipping a workout session can introduce physical changes and affect the muscle pumps as well. Do not procrastinate and follow diligently. Also, set realistic expectations.

8. Stay Relaxed

Lastly, after a workout, cool down, before leaving the gym. Try to stay comfortable and stress-free throughout the day. An increase in stress can cause the release of a hormone called cortisol into the bloodstream, causing the loss of muscle pump. Try indulging in activities that keep your stress levels low, like listening to music or reading a book. After a busy day of work, it is essential to take proper sleep to help you get up feeling energized to workout the next day.


So, these are the various ways to stay fit and show off that pumped up muscles. Having ripped muscles and a good physique is everyone’s dream, but only a few work hard to achieve it. It requires a lot of commitment and discipline to reach the desired bodybuilding goal. If you are planning to include any supplements, diet, or thinking of changing an exercise routine, then consult your gym instructor or gym dietician before proceeding.