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The Many Uses of Hemp

The history of the hemp plant is a long one and traces back to many years. As far as 8000 BC when it was cultivated in the Middle East and China for industrial uses. The fiber in the hemp plant is linked to a wide variety of uses in textile-production. The versatility of this plant is what makes it useful for many things. Hemp can be found in many of the household commodities we have today. Ranging from clothes, ship rigs, fishnets, canvas and many more.

Human Consumption – Dietary Supplements

Hemp is rich in the fatty amino acids which are important in all diets. Therefore, the hemp plant can be used in quite a number of recipes. Many people use hemp to make  salad oil. Also, most people eat hemp seeds as snacks in the same way we consume nuts. You can also add hemp seeds to the cake batter for baked foods. Food manufacturers use crushed seeds to make flour or special hemp oils.

Body Oils – Cosmetics

The hemp plant is rich in oils, which are used in making body lotions and essential oils. The EFA content in hemp is ideal for the cracked and dry skin. It simply makes one of the best moisturizers.


They use hemp in the production of clothing such as sportswear, jeans, lingerie and other high fashion apparels. The hemp fibers make the clothing longer-lasting. One of the popular brands that use hemp is Calvin Klein.


Hemp is used in the process of manufacturing paper. Actually, it is more economical than using trees. This is because it saves the forests, hence protecting the wildlife too. By using hemp, we can save the environment and reduce our ecological footprint.


The good news is that hemp-containing plastic products are all biodegradable. And for that reason, when used to produce most of the plastic products today, there will be a reduction in the landfills.


They effectively use hemp to make bio-diesel, since the petroleum industry has embraced hemp in making various products. A good example is the production of ethanol.

Materials for construction

Construction industry uses hemp plant to make durable and strong construction materials. A good example of such is cement with fibers and minerals found in hemp plant. Since hemp is resistant to adverse weather conditions, it’s ideal for making most modern homes.

Oil-Based Products

They use hemp to make oil for paint, lantern, and candles. Paint that has hemp lasts even much longer than regular paint. The best thing is that it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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