Cannabidiol CBD Oil Capsule Softgels 15mg Gold Formula 30 or 60 capsules


This CBD Oil Capsule is vegetarian and contains 15mg hemp oil in one capsule.



CBD Oil Capsule in a softgel format is easy to absorb and take. Cannabidiol capsules in this format can provide you sufficient CBD amount every time.

Plus CBD Oil™ used CBD oil from non-GMO hemp combined with extra virgin olive oil for these easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules. This CBD Oil Capsule is vegetarian and contains 15mg hemp oil in one capsule.


CBd Canabidol Oil SoftgelsThe manufacturer suggestion is to take 1 soft gel capsule a day. Each CBD Oil Capsule contains pure cannabidiol oil in a gluten free extra virgin olive oil base. Hemp-derived CBD means organic and natural CBD Oil without any psychoactive effect.

The capsules are easy-to-take, jelly-like CBD Oil Capsule which you have to place under your tongue and leave them to dissolve in your mouth in approximately 60 seconds. It might take you more time, depending on the acidity of your saliva.





We offer two size:

bottle containing 30 or 60 softgel CBD Oil Capsules, each with 15mg CBD oil


The PLUS CBD OIL™ CBD OIL CAPSULE has a trusted brand name in the USA.

Plus CBD Oil™ ensures tests of all ingredients before introducing them to the market. Furthermore, they hire third-party companies to make sure all hemp products are from EU-certified farms in Europe. Notably, Plus CBD Oil™ works for their well-deserved brand name continuously and uses independent lab tests regularly.

In addition, this highest quality of CBD Oil uses the best available technology to gain the most of the cannabidiol. As a matter of fact, This CBD Oil Powder is a food supplement with all the nutritional benefits. It is full of natural vitamins and minerals, which provides a broad use of this CBD product in the UK.

Suggested use :  As a dietary supplement, take 1 softgel daily.Not intended for use under under the age of 18. Do not take if you pregnant or lactating.


As a proof of legal use, please see the attached confirmation from the Home Office. You can also refer to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 under Cannabidiol is NOT scheduled.
Please note the result of CBD depends on your own body, so you might not respond to the given dosage the same way as described. As we are not qualified to diagnose, schedule treatments or cure diseases, here you can read our best intentions and suggestions. We do not know your medical records nor your medications, so we recommend to consult with your doctor or nurse if you need any medical advice. Our cannabidiol (CBD) products are food supplements, so please do not substitute your conventional medication without consultation with your doctor.

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