Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD means the next evolution of natural hemp products.

As CBD oil dissolves in oily environment easier (as each oil does), Water Soluble CBD creates a bridge between cannabis oil and our body. Our body mostly consists of water, thus we would better use products which diffuse in water easily. This water soluble hemp oil enables us to use as much cannabidiol through our CB2 receptors as possible.

Furthermore, faithful to its name, Plus CBD Oil™ uses the fully traceable, purest CBD oil from its Seed-to-Shelf initiative in this hemp product as well.

One litre of this Water Soluble CBD oil contains as much as 10000 mg Cannabidiol. Indeed, absorbing CBD has never been easier. With this water soluble version of cannabis oil, you can use as much as 100% CBD, making this product relatively cheap. Where can you find 1mg CBD oil for less than a pence?

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