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The trusted brand name, PLUS CBD OIL™, has finally arrived in the UK from the States.
Plus CBD Oil™ has rediscovered and revolutionised our thinking of organic hemp products. Plus CBD Oil™ uses fully traceable hemp from seedling to finished product. This is their Seed-to-Shelf initiative which we appraise thoroughly. That ensures when you buy Plus CBD Oil™ products you will receive the highest quality, laboratory tested, pure CBD oil. This is the reason we believe these hemp products have their right in the UK and EU market.

Seed-to-shelf also means the manufacturer uses only EU-certified hemp seed from local farmers in Europe. Furthermore, they also extract the CBD oil in a European ISO certified facility in a chemical-free way, using cold-press technology. The cold-pressed CBD Oil then travels to the US for laboratory work. Then in the laboratory, the manufacturer carefully monitors each step to ensure the purity and right consistency. Once the careful and award-winning hemp -derived products are ready, they go to an independent third-party laboratory to verify the result.

The greatest news of all is the broad spectrum of the hemp-derived products. You can find some raw CBD products for further manufacturing (water soluble CBD, CBD powder, Raw CBD Oil), CBD Oil drops, CBD Oil capsules or CBD oral applicators – just to mention a few.
As a proof of legal use, please see the attached confirmation from the Home Office. You can also refer to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 under Cannabidiol is NOT scheduled.
Please note the result of CBD depends on your own body. You might not respond to the given dosage the same way as described. As we do not hold any qualification to diagnose, schedule treatments or cure diseases, here you can read our best intentions and suggestions. We do not know your medical records nor your medications. We recommend consulting with your doctor or nurse if you need any medical advice. Our cannabidiol (CBD) products are food supplements. Please do not substitute your conventional medication without consultation with your doctor.

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