Hemp Bud and Leaves

Hemp Bud and Leaves are the 100% organic ways of finding Cannabinoids, CBD oil.

You can read about hemp bud and leaves use in a lot on the wide web. Firstly, you can find stories about using the bud as a tea to find some relaxation. Then there are others who tried vaping the buds for the same effect.

As a high-level source of CBD, hemp bud can be the start and the end product of CBD Oil. The rich female flowers of organic hemp barely contain any THC, so you cannot count on any psychoactive effect. The most benefits you can gain from hemp bud and leaves are the high CBD content and the organic use.

The dried hemp bud and leaves are carefully selected and harvested and dried naturally. As without any chemical process, CBD is not water soluble (not like the water soluble CBD you can find in our store) we advise you using some milk or other oily liquids.

With these organic hemp buds and leaves, you can let your imagination fly (not because of THC ;)) and try your own home-made hemp products. You can try to make your own homemade hemp beer, hemp syrup or whatever you find useful.

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