We would believe CBD Oil Capsules are the most traditional way of taking CBD Oil, but it is not true.
This is a recently discovered and developed technique where you can pinpoint exactly how much CBD oil you take with each CBD oil tablet. Our manufacturers, Canabidiol™ and Plus CBD Oil™, offer CBD oil capsules created from EU-certified hemp. They use different technologies to form their gel CBD tablets thus you can choose from a wide spectrum of hemp capsule products here. But one thing is common: each alternative is a market-leading, award-winning cannabidiol capsule thus deserves its place in our healthy store.

Canabidiol™ came up with the Gel-Tabs which dissolves under your tongue in 60 seconds. You can choose from different CBD strengths: 10mg, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. For an alternative solution from the same producer, you can exchange them to another soft gel CBD capsule with 300 mg of Cannabis Sativa L. and 10mg of CBD.

Plus CBD Oil™ has two alternatives for CBD Oil capsules: the green, Total Plant Complex CBD capsules with two strengths and the gold CBD softgels with the Gold Formula.

Find your favourite today!

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