CBD Oil, or cannabis oil, is nature’s gift to us. It is full of fatty acids, vitamin E and cannabinoids.

Hemp oil, CBD oil, cannabis oil are all the names of the source of the well-known and popular substance, Cannabidiol. Organic, hemp-derived products which contain high concentrations of CBD and the minimal or even 0% of THC. Cannabis oil in that form does not contain any psychoactive substance.

The highly sought after products of CBD oil come in various sizes, shapes and forms. You can use CBD hemp oil on your skin with the help of a CBD oil balm, or under your tongue as a soft gel CBD capsule. Cannabidiol has been present in our diet for centuries, since ancient times. These days we know more and more about why CBD could be good for our mood and our whole system. Furthermore, researchers investigate the various diseases and conditions where we can leverage further benefits of CBD.

There are still details we need to study, but what we know now is that CBD can interact with our body in a very positive way. Cannabinoids stimulate our endocannabinoid system which is also known as endogenous cannabinoid system. This system is responsible for our overall balance: appetite, bedtime sleep, mood, hormone and immune response. Thus, Cannabidiol and the other cannabinoids derived from hemp products could increase our resistance, help with pain relief and balance our mood and appetite.

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