CBD Balm

An easy way to get your daily Cannabidiol amount from this organic, hemp-derived CBD Balm.

Two strengths of CBD Balm to satisfy all your needs. Both alternatives have a refreshing peppermint scent and a smoothing natural blend.

Firstly, a lighter, 50 mg of CBDA and CBD derived from non-GMO hemp. When you just start using CBD products, the 50mg version would suit your needs. If you have already used Cannabidiol products and know what you are doing, you might want to go for the stronger version. The strongest available CBD Balm with 100mg CBDA and CBD will give you a real boost.

The manufacturer, Plus CBD Oil™, only uses non-GMO hemp, coming from EU-certified farms with a Seed-to-Shelf initiative. Third-party companies ensure the purity and highest quality of all hemp products.

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