Alkaline Water

A healthy water intake is very important for all of us. Our alkaline water selections will provide hydration to your body as well as help with acidity problems.

Our non-PBA healthy water with pH9.14 alkaline level can help you neutralise your body and control its acidity level. In contrast to a normal drinking water, which has a neutral pH7 level, our alkaline waters have a much higher, 9.14 value. To illustrate, pH 0 is the most acid liquid you can find while pH14 is the other end of the scale. A research suggests that even pH8.8 alkaline water can help you deactivate pepsin in your body, which is the main reflux causing enzyme.

Alkaline water has many other potential benefits which researchers still investigate. Alkaline water can have some anti-aging properties as the antioxidants absorb quicker in our body. Furthermore, alkaline water can help with colon-cleaning. Researchers found that ionised water can support our immune system and can help with health conditions by fixing our acid-base balance. The right level of hydration reached with alkaline water can boost skin health and has detoxifying properties. Moreover, by balancing our body, alkaline water can help you with weight loss and reach your goal quicker.

We offer you healthy still alkaline water as well as a sparking alkaline water alternative.

How much water should you drink?

As minimum 60% of our body is water, proper hydration is crucial for our survival and balanced life. An increased water intake can improve our energy efficiency and brain functions as well as any skin conditions. It is a general rule that the more water you drink, the less appetite you will have. Thus, a healthy water consumption will help you lose weight easier. If you drink water 30 minutes before you eat, you might end up eating less. One research showed if you do it for 12 consecutive days before every meal, you can lose 44% more weight than usual.

There are different recommendation how much water you should drink during the day.

Your water intake should depend on many factors. Our weight, height, age, gender, the level of activity you do and the weather. When you increase exercise or when it is hot outside, you should drink more water than usual. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, hydration is even more crucial. If you would like to lose weight, again, you might want to drink more.

So, instead of giving you an exact number, we ask you to spend few seconds on calculating your ideal daily water intake. You can find many hydration calculators online, but we found the one from HydrationForHealth very easy and thorough. Visit their Hydration Calculator here.

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