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Traveling is the perfect way to de-stress and promote happiness. It gives you the chance to explore yourself and new places. In fact, just looking forward to your vacation or business trip is good for mental well-being. Sadly, that’s not the case for everyone. Some people have to deal with the stress and travel anxiety that generally occur when traveling. It can be out of fear of the unknown, the new place, your safety, or how the trip will turn out. While there are many ways to fight off stress, an effective way of regulating your anxiety response is by taking CBD. According to recent research, it naturally fights stress or anxiety in more than one way.

Read on to find out how to make traveling less stressful using CBD.

How CBD Works with Your Body

There are many receptors in the human body. The receptors are proteins or glycoprotein attached to ligands or signaling molecules. Their function is to send messages and trigger appropriate immune responses. CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2). CB1 and CB2 receptors are in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and the central nervous system. CBD mimics the serotonin receptors by binding and activating them. This interaction plays a significant role in enhancing your mental well-being. Low serotonin levels are linked to anxiety, depression, and stress. CBD helps to boost the serotonin levels and enables you to manage stress. However, not all CBD products in the market are equal. Make sure to navigate the market and get premium CBDfx gummies are #1 hemp-derived CBD products.

What Research Says About Cannabidiol for Stress Relief

1. CBD Improves Brain Function

One of the ways CBD works as a stress reliever is it interacts with the receptors in the brain. CBD encourages regeneration. It’s a natural process of renewal, restoration, and growth of organs, tissues, and cells for their full functionality. When new neurons form in the brain, they become networked and stimulated, making you more active. Since chronic stress can damage the neurons, CBD helps fight off stress. The brain also regulates various processes in your body. It has many receptors that monitor brain activities. When the body senses stress, the receptors communicate with the adrenal glands to produce cortisol or the stress hormone. However, due to chronic stress, the brain becomes less sensitive to the stress hormone. That means more cortisol is required to achieve the same effect of reducing stress. As a result, stress is prolonged. CBD improves brain function by enhancing its ability to sense cortisol and consequently reduce stress. It can help you manage stressful situations from vigorous airport security and financial strain to unexpected events.

2. Cannabidiol Reduces Anxiety

It’s normal to experience panic attacks when visiting new places. Simply negative thinking can trigger anxiety. Sometimes travel anxiety can start weeks before you embark on your journey. Since anxiety and stress are closely related, treating anxiety can help in easing tension. A 2010 research reveals that CBD may help in the treatment of social anxiety disorder (SAD). Researchers discovered that CBD does more than just ease anxiety; it also impacts the brain’s response to anxiety. They observed a change in blood flow patterns in areas of the brain that are linked to anxiety and stress. The study further revealed that apart from making the SAD patients feel better, CBD altered how the brain responds to anxiety. Another study shows that CBD can improve social anxiety in people (i.e., public speaking). Plus., since traveling is all about exploring new places and meeting new people, CBD may help you if you are afraid of socializing.

3. CBD Improves Sleep

Many travelers have to deal with sleep issues. Sleep deprivation can range from reduced memory, unproductivity, and altered mental state, causing low mood. Since there is an association between mood and sleep, a lack of rest increases and worsens mental disorders like stress, depression, and anxiety. CBD comes in as a sleep-inducing agent. Taking a few drops of CBD oil a few minutes before going to bed can help you fall and remain asleep. As sleep is a powerful stress reducer, establishing a good sleep routine will allow you to relax your mind and become more productive the next day.


When traveling, stress may be unavoidable. That’s because some of the factors that trigger stress may not be within your control. The best way is to find an effective solution. Travel stress may seem mild, but it can worsen an existing medical condition. It may lead to depression, anxiety, mood alterations, insomnia, and more. Any of these conditions can ruin any trip. CBD is the best natural way of treating stress, enabling you to get the most out of your time away.

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