Cannabidiol is often abbreviated as CBD, and it is a chemical compound of the cannabis plant. Don’t confuse this natural medicine with cannabis, which is illegal in the UK and most of the world.
CBD or cannabidiol has no psychoactive effect, and you cannot use it as a mood enhancer. However, CBD may still provide you with some relaxation without any intoxication.

You can use CBD in many ways: cannabidiol oil, CBD oil balm, CBD oil vape or as a capsule.
There are studies analysing whether CBD can help you increase your memory, immune function, reproduction, appetite, bone development, mood and can help with your sleeping disorders.

Another major research field involves whether CBD can help fight cancer as an antiproliferative, so by preventing the spread of the malicious cells and helping the regeneration of the healthy ones. A healthy immune system can be the key to prevent and defeat cancer. Therefore, there is a valid question whether CBD can help you achieve that. Some results of these studies and cases suggest the use of cannabidiol products can inhibit the spread of tumorous cells.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is so far the most beneficial compound of the cannabis plant. The use of CBD is wide and dates back to centuries. However, clinical tests just began discovering further benefits and side effects. Further research is needed to see whether CBD can balance your body and all the functions within it. Different products affect in a variety of ways, and each of us needs a different dose of CBD to reach the desired outcome. Read more on the product pages to see the suggestions.

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