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We only sell natural hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) products from manufacturers who guarantee the production of pure, chemical-free CBD. The hemp seeds are from EU-certified farms from Europe which go through CO2 extraction in a European ISO certified facility. Then this hemp oil travels to the cutting edge laboratories for further extraction. Then third parties test the purity, concentration, quality and safety of the CBD oil. This tested hemp oil will be transformed into the various CBD oil products which you can find in our online shop. These filtered and converted CBD products are tested again by independent companies to verify the THC and CBD content and the legality of each product.

Thus, the Cannabidiol products you find in our online CBDoil Store are safe to use for the whole family. 

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Plus CBD oil Pure Hemp-derived Cannabidiol Products from the USA in CBDoil Store UK


Plus CBD Oil manufacturers hemp-derived CBD Oil without any psychoactive effect. Thus, you can only benefit from these Plus CBD Oil products without any mood enhancing effects. However, you can still use these natural remedies for relaxation if this is your intention. The products from the fully traceable, EU-certified hemp won multiple awards worldwide and helped thousands of people already. Try it yourself.
Purified Liquid American CBD Vape Products in CBDoil Store UK

Purified Liquids™ USA

Among the first high-quality CBD Vape Oil producers, we can find Purified Liquids from the USA. They proudly produce CBD oil vapes with 0% THC content and 99% pure, natural CBD. There is no synthetic compound in these CBD e-cigarette liquids, and of course, they are solvent free.

You can find two perfect flavours: tropical and mint in homogenous 60/40 VG/PG formula. Try them when you need help quitting smoking.

Canabidiol softgel and other CBD products from Britain in CBDoil Store UK

Canabidol UK

The perfect CBD manufacturer in the UK who uses EU-approved industrial hemp in their products. They have used unique technology so that we can take Cannabidiol in an easier and safer way. The best selling Canabidol Gel-Tabs have no THC content, and you can use them as food supplements even on the go.

Furthermore, you can find pure CBD oil or even hemp buds from which came from the EU certified farms.

Love Hemp® - USA

Love Hemp® – An industry-leading, London based CBD company with high quality, THC-free cannabidiol products

Love Hemp® is a London based company which offers a wide-variety of ethically sourced, premium quality CBD-containing products. Thanks to state of the art production technology, continuous research, and company development Love Hemp® redefined the standards for quality in the CBD industry. The company was launched in 2015 and its popularity has skyrocketed among cannabidiol enthusiasts who appreciate consistently high-quality CBD products.

Our Membership Ensures Quality:
CBDoil Store UK has joined the British Association, Cannabis Trades Association UK, to ensure only the best quality and 100% legal CBD oil products are distributed in the country.

Plus CBD oil products are the safest hemp products from the USA

Highest Quality CBD oil products – a Seed-to-Shelf certificate which assures all of us that Plus CBD oil produces the purest and highest quality hemp-derived products only

Taste-altering factors – Canabidol UK

Products are made from botanical extract, as with any non-cloned botanical species you will get a varied level of plant chemicals. The manufacturer utilises a full plant extraction method. The resulting extract will have variances that will depend on the following conditions:

The Strain of cannabis Sativa L: Each strain of approved Cannabis Sativa L has a different chemical makeup, not just the level of cannabinoids. Canabidol UK uses at least 5 different strains, developing the best resulting strains for CBD content, while reducing THC levels.

The Location of the Farm: The manufacturer uses a network of farms across Europe. There are many factors that can change the final chemical makeup of the raw material, from the soil, the date it is harvested, the weather in that region and the strain as well.

Parts of the Crop used for the Extraction: Botanical species all vary. Each plant is unique, even 2 plants next to each other’s in a field can contain different amounts of CBD and other compounds. The place of harvest and the plants that make of the raw material for that extract will have an impact on the final extract. While there are variances in the raw material, the manufacturer can utilise technology to ensure these chemicals stay within set tolerances.

Interesting Facts

  • A more purified product is more prone to oxidisation, that can lead to colour change from gold to clear. Factors that speed up oxidisation are light and heat, however this will not degrade the cannabinoids. Products should be stored in a cool dark environment to retain the colour.
  • Change of taste can be traced back to terpenes. Each new harvest we can maintain a more stable consistency in the flavour, but this is to be expected with any botanical extract.
  • Canabidol UK oils are not masked by unwanted bitterness and other flavours that are found in cannabis, so the differences are much more pronounced.